There's no Horse Play When it Comes to Throwing a Kentucky Derby Party!

It’s the day when you roll out of bed and hit the great outdoors; something just feels so different on the first Saturday in May. Everything feels so special. You feel like the grass has never been greener, the flowers have never been prettier and you take a deep breath and reflect on how great it is to be a Kentuckian. It’s an overwhelming sense of pride. I love sharing this time of the year with my friends, family and clients. Many of my clients are moving in from other states and always want to know “how to throw a great Derby party.” The truth of the matter is, it’s pretty simple – eat, drink and play like a true Kentuckian and you will look like Kentucky bred royalty. Even if you were not born here, you can simply play it off with the right tools and must haves for your Kentucky Derby Party.

We are just days away from the Big Day, so let’s get this on track!

1. Decide what kind of Derby party you want to have:
Do you want to throw an elegant high society bash where you want to capture the feel of millionaires’ row? Then send out fancy invitations and tell your guests to dress to kill! Serve seafood and other Southern Specialty in your finest china and lines.

2. Or do you want to capture the sprint of the rowdy Derby infield, where the regular folks eat, play and watch the race? If this makes your day rosy, throw a TV onto the deck, BBQ everything southern – ribs, corn, etc.

Regardless of your party style, below are MUST HAVES:

1. Stock up on 3 common “must haves”:
• Food
• Liquor
• Gambling

Food Should Include:
Bourbon Balls
Derby Pie
Cheese Grits
Beaten Biscuits and Country Ham
BBQ Pork
Kentucky Beer Cheese
Pecan Pie
Hot Brown
Kentucky Burgoo
Henry Bain Sauce

Mint Juleps (the official drink of the Derby)
Kentucky Bourbon (Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve, Blanton’s, etc)
Sweet Tea
Artsy fartsy shot of my mint julep

Derby Pot or choose to auction off each horse to the highest bidder
Jackpots (place all the Derby horses in an envelope, have a set “buy-in” amount and everyone draws a name out of the pot)
-if you are able, hire a bookie to place bets from party

Other must have items include: Derby hats, anything with Roses such as table centerpieces, Mint Julep cups, betting forms, dry erase board where you can write the names of the Derby horses, anything you can find horse themed. Bottom line: just have fun and make your 2009 Run for the Roses, the most Derby party on the block!

The First Saturday in May is very special, so get ready to party and enjoy this special day!

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