The Health Concerns of Homes is Serious Business

Today buying a home is more than just buying a pretty place that looks like it graced the cover of a magazine. Home buying today is a serious business - both financially and for health reasons. And it is always good to have a Realtor helping you throughout the entire process.  From finding the home, making sure you don't overpay and making sure the property passes all the inspections, I am key in helping a buyer see the whole picture as I like to say.

Picture of home exterior

Many times just the thought of buying a home for many buyers is overwhelming and yet exciting. Sometimes those emotional feelings overshadow the true reality of a home. Buyers can get so caught up in already brainstorming ideas about decorating or holding a house warming party that it is crucial to have a good savvy Realtor to help them see the whole picture.

I try to get my buyers to think through the health concerns of each and every home we see. It is not merely pointing out the negatives, it is pointing out what is reality.

3 examples of the heath questions we bring to light:

1. We discuss if there is a need to be close to the hospital. Is there a family member who may need to visit the doctors on a regular basis? That is important because you don't want to drive for miles to reach the doctor.

2. Allergies are a big one!  I am a Kentucky girl so I know first hand how bad allergies can be!  I find out what kind of allergies the buyer has, if any. If you are allergic to pets, make sure your Realtor knows that. Many of my homebuyers tell me upfront that they prefer not to see any homes that have had pets.  A few years ago in Kentucky, real estate law was changed and sellers have been required ever since to state in writing if pets were in a home and for how long. This has been very helpful for those who suffer from pet allergies.

And if a buyer does fall in love with a home that had pets, they will need to factor in the cost of removing all the carpet, the padding and extensive cleaning of the home.

3. I always recommend all of my buyers test for mold. Even though we can walk into a home and never see mold, it doesn't mean that it does not exist. Having a mold test conducted by a licensed mold expert is not only important for health reasons, but it could save you thousands of dollars by just knowing what you may or may not be getting into.

Those are just a handful of the health concerns questions I pose to my buyers. Prior to real estate, I spent many years working in higher education and I feel there are no dumb questions. I feel education is key and I love helpful my buyers see the whole picture and educating them throughout the process.

Lexington KY is always #1 in my book! Whether you want to buy a downtown condo, a custom walkout ranch on a golf course, or a horse farm in the country, I can help find the perfect home for you – as well as help you sell your home. In addition to Lexington Real Estate, I specialize in the nearby towns of Paris, Midway, Georgetown, and Versailles.

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