Ten Best Remodeling Projects For your Lexington KY Home

When a buyer enters a home, they usually know what they want. Thanks to the popularity of television channels like HGTV, buyers have become savvy and know what features make a great home. Usually buyers are interested in kitchen remodels. Therefore, that project may bring in the highest return when it comes time to sell the property in the future.

Check out my list of the top 10 best remolding projects that buyers love. These are ranked as my expertise based on my local real estate market of Lexington, KY. If you live in another city, your market returns may be different.

  1.  Even a minor kitchen remodeling brings a smile to a potential buyer. New appliances, and countertops are huge.
  2.  Bathroom remodel and addition
  3.  Major kitchen overhaul and remolding
  4.  Family room additions
  5.  A 2-story addition
  6.  Converting an attic to a bedroom
  7.  Creating a true master suite
  8.  Siding replacement adds to curb appeal
  9.  Entertainment remodeling
  10. Outdoor patio/deck addition and remodeling – make this an extra bonus room or extensive of the living space in your home.

Many folks ask about the value of adding a pool. I didn’t add that on my list because so many times, the pool adds no value to the home. Especially true with above ground pools, as those are usually seen as eyesores. Not to mention, many buyers do not want to deal with the costs of maintenance and higher insurance premiums.

About the Author: Kim Soper is a lifelong Lexington KY resident and Co-Founder of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress. She has over 16 years experience selling real estate all over Lexington KY and the Central KY areas.  Kim is the manager/Realtor of ExploreLexingtonKY.com - Home to Your Best Source for Lexington KY Real Estate!

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