Pools And Water Activities Opening In and Around Lexington KY for Summer 2020

picture of swimming pool in Lexington KY area

What kind of plans do you have for the rest of this summer? I'm sure like many, your summer plans are changing. Maybe it's best to stay close to home this summer and take in some of the local recreational activities. Lexington and the surrounding cities have been working to offer the community some water activities since it's so warm and the sun is bright! I have a few favorite activities for the kids that can't be missed:

Falling Springs Rec Center in Versailles and Scott County Parks and Rec have opened their pools, but check out their site to make a reservation for your group. Lexington Parks & Rec are opening the splash parks in Jacobson Park, Masterston Station, Douglas and Castlewood. Due to Covid, reservations are required. Head over to Lexington Parks and Recreation for more details. Have a blast!

About the Author: Kim Soper is a lifelong Lexington KY resident and Co-Founder of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress. She has over 16 years experience selling real estate all over Lexington KY and the Central KY area.  Kim is the manager/Realtor of ExploreLexingtonKY.com - Home to Your Best Source for Lexington KY Real Estate!

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