Lexington Ky Ranked Top City to Start a New Life

A recent report ranked Lexington Ky #3 as the best city to start a new life. The criteria included low unemployment, affordable rents and above average wages. Higher rankings were given to cities with a large number of non-native residents and also with a large number of people aged 20-34. The theory is that people of this age bracket are more likely to pull up stakes and begin anew and so there needed to be a significant population of people in a similar period in their lives. The researchers reasoned that a large pool of fellow newbies makes it less difficult for newly relocated people to assimilate. It’s often easier to make friends when meeting another recent transplant because of that shared experience.

The researchers chose the Top Ten by first looking at the top 100 most populous U.S. cities and then ranking them in each of the five categories (unemployment, rent, wages, 20-34, transplants). Lexington is ranked #3 because it is the only city in the top ten that ranked 40 or better in all five. Madison, Wisconsin came in at #1 because of its very high youth population. Seattle was number two.

Lexington was also recently voted a Top Place to Retire. With two large universities in town, we stay youth-oriented and on the cutting edge of new technology. We also enjoy a moderate climate and are located within a day’s drive of nearly half the country’s population.

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