Lexington KY is Quickly Becoming a Major High Tech City!

The future is so bright in Lexington, we gotta wear shades!  Our beloved Lexington has become a huge player in the technology industry so make your move now and start looking for a home in Lexington Ky before prices rise!

These days, one of the biggest drivers of economic growth is the technology industry. I am excited to report that Lexington is becoming a major high tech center in the state. Last year, the state of Kentucky invested $6 million in 26 technology start-ups with the goals of attracting them from out of state and supporting home-grown high tech. Eighteen of those businesses are located right here in the Lexington area. High tech industry means high paying jobs, and greater economic growth.

Here’s a look at 5 high tech Lexington companies and why you can feel good about our bright future:

1.) Alkymos Inc: working on a method to remove metal contaminants from IV fluids fed to premature infants.

2.) Bauer Labs: focusing on new technology in the healthcare field.

3.) NuForm Materials: recycling coal ash into ceramic materials that can be used to make various products.

4.) Paratechs Corporation: researching a method of non-surgical reproductive assistance

5.) Scout Diagnostics: developing a method for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

Of the 18 start-ups in Lexington that received the state support, nine moved here from out of state. When businesses relocate here, that is another good sign for our housing market. Higher demand will cause higher home prices. Now is the time to start looking for a home in Lexington Ky. Call me today at 859-509-8008.

Lexington KY is always #1 in my book! Whether you want to buy a downtown condo, a custom walkout ranch on a golf course, or a horse farm in the country, I can help find the perfect home for you – as well as help you sell your home. In addition to Lexington Real Estate, I specialize in the nearby towns of Paris, Midway, Georgetown, and Versailles.

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