Just Returned from Aruba; Great Place for Real Estate Investment

I just returned back from my very first trip to Aruba. Aruba is a beautiful county, boasting some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, while at the same time being home to the desert. Seems like a strange combination, but certainly makes this tiny island unique.

Over the last few years Aruba has found itself in the mist of a construction boom including both low and high end properties. Those properties include luxury hotels and condominiums on the beach. According to GlobalPropertyGuide.com, the average price of a beach front condominium ranges from $500,000 to $1 million in U.S. dollar. Houses in Aruba on average run about $1,476 per sq. m.

Aruba should continue to see prices rise as they are quickly becoming the tourism hot spot in the Caribbean partially because the pristine white beaches, constant trade winds cooling the atmosphere and maybe the most important factor - being located outside of the hurricane belt.

I also feel the residents of Aruba certainly have an impact on why the place is so popular amongst tourist and individuals looking for investment opportunities. The people are so nice! I can't say that enough. Everyone truly goes out of their way to ensure visitors have a great visit to their beloved country. Excellent food, accommodations and hospitality are the norm in this county. We were even invited into the home of the former Ambassador of Aruba to enjoy a nice dinner. I can't ever recall a stranger inviting other strangers into their home for dinner here in the United States.

During one afternoon, my group took a private Jeep tour of the island. One member or our group asked the tour guide if he could stop for a restroom break. Guess where he took us? Over to his brother's house. His brother was more than honored to welcome us into his home and was more than happy to serve as the bathroom break pit stop location. Just goes to show that native Arubana embrace kindness and know a thing or two about great hospitality!

(Pictures from the Ambassador of Aruba's home)

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