How To Turn A House into Your Kentucky Home

Making a House a Kentucky home

For me, it isn’t really about the rooms or space, but it is about the memories I’ve shared with friends and family. I know, I know, that is the typical vanilla response you hear all the time. But here is what I always share with those buyers moving to Kentucky for the first time. Really want to make your house feel like a home? It’s simple!  Just explore all of our cool nearby towns and pick up a few locally styled pictures and Knick knacks along the way. These can be used to decorate in your home.  It’s a super fun way to remember the things you love about your new Kentucky city and the new memories you are continuously creating. And let’s be honest, Kentucky horse décor really is what great style is all about. Even if you aren’t a high-end decorator, Kentucky has you covered. We all appreciate Equestrian items and hey, a good horse picture looks great whether it’s in your formal dining or in your barn! They are that interchangeable! Kentucky has its own style, and we love it!

Image of horse on bookstack used in Kentucky home horse picture next to pink flowers on a bookshelve in a Lexington ky home

About the Author: Kim Soper is a lifelong Lexington KY resident and Co-Founder of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress. She has over 17 years experience selling real estate all over Lexington KY and the Central KY areas.  Kim is the manager/Realtor of - Home to Your Best Source for Lexington KY Real Estate

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