First Day of School in Lexington and Kim Soper Returns to Where It All Started!

What a beautiful day here in Lexington KY today! The morning started early for many school children as today was the first day back from summer vacation. I saw many kids out walking to school this morning and most seemed eager and excited! It got me thinking, what is happening over at my elementary school where I graduated from. I had to check it out! I graduated from Mary Todd Elementary here in Lexington. I was in the first class of 5th graders who graduated from a Lexington elementary school and went off to the new Lexington middle schools. That was in 1990. Prior to my class, Lexington had junior high schools for grades 7-9th.

Ironically enough, my elementary school is undergoing a total renovation. The school had a serene feel as I saw construction areas and portable trailers outside that are being used as temporary classrooms. It was so weird to see that because when I started first grade, the school was being remodeled and my first grade class used a trailer for the first few months of school. Mary Todd is being renovated for the first time since 1985-86  (my first grade year). It was really cool to see everything, like a big flashback in time.

Below is my First Grade Class Room....under renovation.....the black door you see was our private bathroom and we also had a kitchen area...Bobby Decker was in my class. Bobby and his brother Jason and I have been friends & neighbors before first grade. Bobby's son & Jason's daughter started school today for the first time.....brings back a lot of memories)

I also noticed the lead architect on the renovation project was that of the firm of Murphy Graves Architects. Such a small world as that is the architectural firm of Steve Graves, the father of my business partner David Graves.  David and I are together at Cypress. David is the broker of our commercial real estate division. I just once again felt this huge connection to my elementary school. And especially connected knowing David's dad was overseeing the renovations. I felt like I had come so far in life, I am really grown up! Ha! It is the little things in life that always provides us with a warm feel of nostalgia!

Hope you enjoy today and hopefully you will see something or chat with someone that reminds you of your childhood today. Reminiscing is good for the soul!

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