Final Day of Meadowcrest Mansion in Lexington KY on Hamburg Place Farm - Part 3 of 3

Take The Final Tour with Us Before Meadowcrest Mansion in Lexington, KY on the Hamburg Place Farm is forever gone. Tour with Kim Soper, Realtor - Part 3 of 3.

See Part 3 in the Video below:

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Bowling alley is over here


That was the bowl alley.


So this is Meadowcrest Mansion in Lexington, Kentucky built in 1929. And this is 2022. It's being torn down for development. We're all super sad in Lexington. I know my buddy, Jim and I are just heartbroken over Lexington, losing such an awesome piece of history. If you're familiar with horse racing or if you're in horse racing or if you even watched the Derby this is the farm of 1919 Sir Barton, the first Triple Crown winner, as well as Alysheba, 1987, Kentucky Derby winner. So that family that had Alysheba, the Madden family, you probably know Anita, you know, Preston, the ones that always had the extravagant Derby parties that are so legendary, not only locally, but on a national scale. So Preston, this was his family's farm. His grandfather, John E. Madden, started Hamburg Place and this was Preston's uncle's house that this house was built, actually, he built it in the 1920s. So this is where the old bowling alley was. My friend Jim is definitely very, very much he has a lot of cool information about the house he's been out here several times over the years, and he is such a cool Lexingtonian if you ever get to meet him,  he partied here when he was a kid. So here you go.

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