Clouds over Lexington KY Look Like a Big Blue Rainbow!

Good ole Lexington, KY - it is just after 11:00 a.m. EST and for the last 2.5 hours it has poured rained and we have been pounded with thunder and lighting. Wind gusts in some parts have been over 60 miles an hour. I know that is about 14 miles short of hurricane strength winds, but it sure has looked like a small hurricane over Lexington this morning. Check out the interesting pictures I shot of the sky just before the storm. These were taken around 9:30 a.m in in the Hamburg area, which is the northeast quadrant of Lexington.  It looked like a big blue rainbow with various shades of blue. Very fitting for the Bluegrass State!

According to Chief Meteorologist T. G. Shuck, at Lexington's WKYT-TV those were shelf clouds. Shuck says that "shelf clouds developed along the gust front, which is a boundary separating downdraft air from the storm and the surrounding environmental air. Those gust fronts typically jump ahead of the main line of storms."


Not surprising that we started the day with strong storms. Check out the temperature reading in my car late yesterday afternoon.  118 degrees!! Sizzle Sizzle! I actually believe the temperature was in the mid 90s outside. So needless to say, humidity levels had remained high all through last evening.

It is the Dog Days of Summer! If you're outside in the sunshine and temperatures, just remember to drink plenty of water and wear light colored clothing.  I know I will be while showing real estate in Lexington!

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