Building A Home and New Construction Homes in Lexington, KY

Hey friends, Kim in Kentucky and what a beautiful day here this fall in the Bluegrass State. I am out today enjoying the 68 degree fall day. And I'm just checking out that beautiful ranch that's being built there in the background for some of my clients, who's moving to Lexington from the Western Kentucky area, and we're super excited. We don't have a closing date. We don't know when this house is going to be finished yet because supply chain issues, as you guys know, it has been so tough to build since COVID started with supply chains issues, you know, there's been shortages, HVACs paint, plumbing, fixtures, bathroom fixtures, doors, and garage doors. I heard that when not too long ago. But just a Mirage of things that go into your home are hard to get. And you've probably seen the news reports just stating that fact too.

So we don't have a closing date. We won't be in before the holidays but hopefully shortly after. It has been such a joy to work with this family and watch this beautiful place come together. It's going to be the place that's going to hold the next decades of their family memories. And that's always a special thing for them to talk about it and think about all the fun times they're going to have and be able to entertain and have family and friends over. So that has been wonderful. And it always is on this journey because our homes hold so many of those memories that we love to cherish our whole lives. I always think about the home that I grew up in as a child and even my grandparents homes. And sometimes I just wish I had pictures of my grandparents homes just to go back and look at the kitchen and the wallpaper and see the telephone hanging up on the wall.

We don't see that too much anymore, but just those little details, whether it's the wood paneling, the green shag carpet, anything like that, always hold a special place that our, our, our memory in our minds and for our moments that we've cherished with those loved ones. So anyway, just a beautiful house, as you can see it we are super excited for our new ranch home to be ready here in Lexington, although we don't know what that's going to be, but we're anxiously awaiting. If you have any questions about building in the Lexington, Kentucky area, Central Kentucky, I have a background in new construction, I've represented builders and developers, and I can definitely guide you on that path. You definitely want an advocate working for you to help you go through that process. There's a lot of things that happen with building and especially in a very volatile economy that we have as far as, price changes and shortages on materials. It's always good to have an advocate for you to go through that paperwork and to make sure that you as a consumer are protected in case prices jump dramatically. You just want to know what your rights are and make sure that you know, what your budget is, what you're getting for the price that you're paying. So I'll be happy to walk you those

particulars and also help you find that perfect spot to build. And then also chat with you about builders and things of that nature. Like I said, you definitely want your own representation to guide you through that process, just in case something goes astray which doesn't always happen, but sometimes there are sticking points and things that you have to work through. So I'll definitely be your advocate for that. Like I said, I have a background in construction, so I'm very familiar with techniques and things to look out for. Kim Soper, I am reporting live at this beautiful ranch home here in Lexington, Kentucky. Visit me on the web, My phone number (859) 509-8008. And I'll be happy to help you in any way. I hope y'all have a wonderful day. Enjoy the sunshine. Take care. Bye bye.

About the Author: Kim Soper is a lifelong Lexington KY resident and Co-Founder of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress. She has over 17 years experience selling real estate all over Lexington KY and the Central KY areas.  Kim is the manager/Realtor of - Home to Your Best Source for Lexington KY Real Estate

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