A Properly Priced Home is Already 80% Sold!

Pricing your home to sell is the most important factor in selling your home. You may have spring cleaned your Lexington area home and it may have all the bells and whistles that a buyer will love, but what a buyer loves most is a well-priced home.

So let’s say it is time to list and sell your well-loved home. You have spent countless hours and dollars working on your showplace. You meet with your Realtor and they review the market, the solds, the current competition and the pricing history in the neighborhood. They suggest a list price for your home.

But you, Mr. or Ms. Seller feel that price is too low and want to price it for more. Hang on there……

3 common beliefs and why they are not good for your home’s perception by others!

Common Belief (1)……. “We can always come down on price."

*Okay just remember the history of overpriced home showing the stair step downward from a high price. The home starts out at the top and after 4 weeks, you slightly reduce the asking price. It doesn’t sell because other market-priced homes are moving in the neighborhood. So again, you reduce your home price. By now, the “new home on the market” has been disadvantage for 8 weeks. The public starts to question, “Why is this house still on the market?”

Common Belief (2)...."But we've made so many improvements."

        *A Lot of improvements are made for personal lifestyle and enjoyment, not necessarily resale.

Common Belief (3)…… “Well they can make an offer.”

*The homebuyer can only make an offer if he/she sees it. If the buyer thinks the asking price is too high, they won’t even make an appointment to see the home. Again, the “new home on the market” is still on the market. The public again wonders why it hasn’t sold.

All this boils down to one thing – price your home as much as the market will pay. A great Lexington KY Realtor  will know what the market is doing. Respect their expertise and start packing because you will be moving!

Lexington KY is always #1 in my book! Whether you want to buy a downtown condo, a custom walkout ranch on a golf course, or a horse farm in the country, I can help find the perfect home for you – as well as help you sell your home. In addition to Lexington Real Estate, I specialize in the nearby towns of Paris, Midway, Georgetown, and Versailles.

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