A lesson in Japanese Culture while on the Lexington Kentucky Real Estate scene

This past weekend was definitely one to remember. Going into the weekend, I knew my clients from Japan would be in town and we were going to spend some time exploring the real estate market for the perfect Lexington, Kentucky home. I also wanted to show them around town and fill them in on all the cool things Lexington has to offer.

When I woke up on Friday morning, I heard the devastating news of the massive earthquake and the tsunami that rocked Japan. After the initial shock, I immediately contacted my clients to make sure their family; those who were still in Japan were okay. Thankfully they were. That was the best news of the day. And thanks to Facebook and social media, my clients were able to check on their family to ensure they were indeed doing fine. I asked them about their home in Japan and they said there was minimal damage done to the home as two rooms were now unusable, but the most important thing was that everyone was okay.

As the weekend got underway, we went on with our tasks and checked out several homes for sale in Lexington. In between the homes and as we drove to the next stop, they taught me about Japanese culture and filled me in on the way of life and how it differs from life in the United States.

The standard of living in Japan is high and homes are small due to the lack of space.  Therefore, a typical home in Japan is about 900 total square feet. That is very small compared to the average home here in the United States at 2,422* square feet. In a typical Japanese home, the kitchen/living room/eating area serves as one room, whereas here in the States, we usually see a separate room for each of those entities.  In Japan, it is very normal to also see a living room double as a bedroom. The mattresses are kept in cupboards during the day and rolled out during the evening and placed on the floor during sleeping hours.

Most families do not own cars in Japan. Walking to school, work, the grocery and the shops is the way of life. The train also helps with longer commutes.

And have you ever heard of the Mukade bug? Well I was not familiar with this creepy crawler until they told me all about them. The Mukade is a giant poisonous centipede that creeps out during the dark evening hours and in some cases, occasionally creeps into Japanese homes. One thing is for sure; my clients said they will not be sad to leave the Mukades behind once they move to Kentucky.

One of the fun facts I told them about Lexington, Kentucky was that Lexington is home to the largest peanut butter manufacturing plant in the United States. The JIF plant turns out about 280,000 jars of the peanut butter goodness every single day. They said that in Japan, a jar of peanut butter is about $8.00, so very expensive and only served on special occasions. Pretty interesting!

It sure was a great weekend. I sure did learn a lot about the Japanese culture and the way of life. I also introduced them to many of the unique things Lexington has to offer. I will be sharing more of those unique fun facts in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned!

*Housing size courtesy of the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau

Lexington KY is always #1 in my book! Whether you want to buy a downtown condo, a custom walkout ranch on a golf course, or a horse farm in the country, I can help find the perfect home for you – as well as help you sell your home. In addition to Lexington Real Estate, I specialize in the nearby towns of Paris, Midway, Georgetown, and Versailles.

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