4 Ways a Tennis Ball Comes in Handy Around The House

It is fall and you have been packing up your children's summer play toys. But wait, don't pack up those tennis balls just yet. Did you know there are many ways a tennis ball comes in handy around the house. Here are 4 ways to use that tennis ball other than playing on the court.

1. You can cut the tennis ball in half and use it to open up those tough to open jars.

2. If you have a light bulb broken up in the socket, clear way the remaining pieces of glass and then push a tennis ball against the light socket and twist to remove the bulb's steam.

3. Cut the tennis ball in half and slip a section over the end of an old broom handle. You can rub the ball over scuff marks on a wood or hard surface floor and those scuff marks will disappear.

4. You can hang a tennis ball from a string from the ceiling in the garage and use it as a marker so you know where to pull in each and every time while in the car.

Just a few helpful tips using an unlikely source, the tennis ball!

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