A Top Realtor in Lexington, KY, Kim Soper has been featured on numerous local and national media platforms for her real estate experience and expertise.

4 Favorite Garage Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

Published nationally April 2022:  Kim Soper was interviewed on the best garage upgrades that add value to your home.

 7 Yard and Garden Improvements That Boost Your Home's Resale Value

Published nationally September 2020. Kim Soper was interviewed regarding making those smart outdoor garden improvmenets to boast your home's value.

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Signs You Hired a Bad Home Inspector

Published nationally August 2015. Kim Soper was interviewed and offers tips on making sure you have the right home inspector working for you and why a home inspector's license matters.

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The Cost of College Admisions Depends Grealty On Your State and Which Major You Choose

Published nationally January 2017. Kim Soper was interviewed and offers tips on why buying a home for your college student may be one of the greatest investments you will make.

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15 Signs You Should Get Another Home Inspection

Published nationally August 2019. Kim Soper was interviewed and discussed the importance of making sure your home inspector is up to par.

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How to Handle Offers on Unlisted Home | Better Homes & Gardens (bhg.com)

Published nationally March 2023. Kim Soper was interviewed.

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Short Commute To Lexington From New Construction at Payne's Landing

Lexington Horseman Preston Madden, Whose Hamburg Place Farm Became Development, Has Died

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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress Grows with Acquisition of Berea Realty

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Real Estate Investors Make Big Comeback With Millennial Surge

How To Make Friends At The Office As a Real Estate Newbie

How Rookies Can Host Another Agents Open House Like A Boss

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Cypress Residential Group Has Joined The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Network

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Lexington Based Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress Has Aquired Berea Realty

Lexington Scout Guide with Top Realtor

Lexington Scout Guide / Lexington City Guide with Top Realtor Kim Soper

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